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Save The Date For This Year's Fundraiser:
AUGUST 2, 2023
A big thank you

To our community and everyone who purchased a Buffet in a Box meal.  Community support is our key to success!

To WISE Members
Who planned, organized, publicized, hung posters, cooked, baked, boxed the meals, and cleaned up afterwards.

To Cook County High School
for allowing us to use the school's culinary kitchen to prepare over 450 meals, including those donated to the Care Center and Sheriff's department.

To Vendors and Local Businesses
that donated food, signs, and other goods and services.

  • Johnson's Big Dollar Store

  • Gene's Foods

  • Upper Lakes Foods

  • Sysco

  • Coldwell Banker North Shore

  • North Superior Fishery


To WISE Friends and Family
who worked alongside us at the High School's culinary kitchen. Your enthusiastic efforts were critical to our success.  

Stay tuned for next year’s event!  

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