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Grant Application

Applicants must be a Cook County public or charter school educator to apply for these funds 

Criteria for Selecting Classroom Grant Recipients:

The purpose of classroom grants is to support projects benefitting students (not currently funded by the school) as well as reimbursing teachers for out-of-pocket classroom expenses.


These projects are judged by:


  • Educational value of the project

  • Uniqueness of the project

  • Number of students involved

  • Possible benefit to future students (ex: an ongoing technology project)

  • Expenses incurred by teachers for their classrooms (receipt required)


Teachers who have not made requests in the past may be prioritized over those who have received funding previously.


We will fund projects but not provide stipends for teachers involved in the projects. We reimburse teacher classroom spending. We will make an attempt to grant funding to all Cook County Schools, and we allocate funds based somewhat on the student population of each school.

Grade Level:
Project Budget

*Note: We do not fund capital outlay expenditures.


New in 2024: Classroom Teacher Reimbursements

Teachers may request reimbursement for items they have purchased for classroom use. Please either scan receipts and email them to OR mail them to Sue Nelson, PO Box 833, GM 55604. Reimbursements will be made on a first-come, first-served basis as long as the school’s allotted funds are available.


If you are seeking reimbursement for past classroom purchases, please upload your receipts here.

Upload Receipt
Upload Receipt
Upload Receipt
Upload Receipt
Upload Receipt

Grant recipients are required to submit photo documentation and summary information of the grant purchase and/or the experience facilitated by the grant.  For privacy reasons, do not include student faces in photos or student names in the summary. The short written report should answer the following questions:

1)  Did you purchase the items in your request?  If not, explain. 

2)  Did your students benefit from this grant?  Explain. 

Please allow 2-3 weeks for a decision to be made.

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